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Pregnancy CounsellingFinding out about a new pregnancy can bring a whirlwind of emotions. For some, pregnancy is a wanted and welcome experience, and there may be a mix of joy, gratitude, and anxiety about what this next chapter will bring. Yet for others, a pregnancy may be unexpected, unwelcome, or poorly timed, and coping with the various and perhaps difficult emotions that this brings up may be a real challenge.

Regardless of where you fall on this spectrum, pregnancy is a time of great transition and adjustment. As many as 1 in 5 women develop an anxiety or depressive disorder during their pregnancy or postpartum. And many more struggle with concerns such as:

– role changes (e.g. shifting from a full-time career to maternity leave); 

– body changes and body image concerns; 

– shifts in relationship dynamic;

– a personal history of trauma or wounding from their own parents or caregivers; 

– fears over their ability to be a “good mom”; 

– financial stressors;

– grieving anew the loss of a parent; 

– intense fears of giving birth; 

– coping with medical complications in themselves or their baby; 

– coping with high levels of anxiety or struggling to bond with their baby after infertility or loss; 

– and many more concerns that may affect people during this time.

Pregnancy counselling is a way for expecting parents and their partners to navigate this time of change while protecting their mental health. Your counsellor is trained and able to support you through your pregnancy, delivery, and postpartum experience with whatever might be coming up for you.

Some of the benefits of pregnancy counselling include:

1) Support around coping and decision-making in pregnancy and delivery.

2) Screening, support, and treatment for mental health concerns that arise in pregnancy and postpartum.

3) Seeking solutions and strategies for coping with the practical and emotional challenges of pregnancy, postpartum, and parenting in the early months and years.

4) Planning for delivery and postpartum from a trauma-informed, mental health perspective.

5) Pregnancy and postpartum couples’ counselling to help protect and nurture your relationship during this challenging time.

6) Learning about communication and boundaries to help empower you to have the pregnancy, birth, and postpartum experience you hope for.

7) Trauma and grief therapy for support and treatment of reproductive trauma, from fertility concerns to trauma and loss in pregnancy, delivery, and postpartum.

Our therapists at Sage Mental Health all have extensive experience supporting clients through this exciting but often difficult season of life. Each therapist has advanced training in pregnancy and postpartum mental health concerns and is eager to support you in whatever you might be struggling with. Reach out to [email protected] to find out more and book a complimentary 15-minute consultation!

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