I often hear this worry from clients when I suggest that meeting with a couple’s counsellor might be helpful.

There is a myth that couple’s counselling is only for relationships that are nearing their end, and that going to therapy is a last ditch effort to save a sinking ship (one that rarely helps). While this may be true at times, it does NOT mean that chatting with a couple’s counsellor signals the end of your relationship.

In fact, research shows that a relationship therapist can be very helpful in terms of helping couples sort through their concerns to help PREVENT them from becoming deal-breakers.

So, what are some ways that couple’s counselling can help?

  • Improved ability to communicate with one another. Learn how to listen, validate, reflect, compromise, and speak about the issues impacting you and your relationship.
  • Develop a stronger bond and deeper intimacy – emotional, intellectual, spiritual, relational, physical, and sexual.
  • Learn how to resolve conflict effectively so the inevitable disputes that come up in your relationship don’t turn into harmful battlegrounds.
  • Heal from relationship ruptures and betrayals, such as dishonesty and infidelity.
  • Navigate difficult life transitions, such as postpartum, life-changing diagnoses, career changes, retirement, the passing of loved ones, and changing sexual desires and orientations.
  • Deepen your knowledge of yourself and your partner. Your couples’ counsellor can help you get to know your own and your partner’s needs, understand your role in your dynamic, consider how your own family history might be showing up in your relationship, and explore future dreams or goals together.

At Sage Mental Health, we understand how important your relationship is to you. Our qualified therapists are here to help you sort through your relationship concerns and grow your bond in ways you may have thought could never come to pass.

We are happy to offer a complimentary, 15-minute consultation for you to explore your concerns and goals, and any questions you may have about couples’ counselling.

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